chronological day 315 :)

315 – it’s kind of a milestone day!  We only have 50 days left, can you believe it? Please read Acts 10, 11, and 12:1-5.  What’s your highlight today?

Can you imagine the constant dependency on the Holy Spirit, the continual show of the miraculous? Visions, divine instructions, Angel appearances, trances, voices from heaven? I wonder if we don’t hear His voice as loudly because our lives are so loud….

“When Peter was in prison, constant prayer” Acts 12:5

Our circumstances do not dictate God’s character, God is faithful always.  Our prayers ought to be constant as well, regardless of our circumstances.  Times are good? Pray.  Times are not so good? Pray.  Perhaps a circumstance drove you into the prayer closet – do not allow the relief of that circumstance to drive you back out. Stay.

Little note: I think 11:26 is the first time they used the word that meant “Christians”


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