chronological day 308 :)

Please read Mark 15:21-24, Matthew 27:32-34, Luke 23:26-31, John 19:17, Mark 15:25-32, Matthew 27:35-44, Luke 23:32-43, John 19:18-27, Mark 15:33-41, Matthew 27:45-56, and Luke 23:44-49.  Hard day!


“By now it was noon. The whole earth became dark, the darkness lasting three hours—a total blackout. The Temple curtain split right down the middle. Jesus called loudly, ‘Father, I place my life in your hands!’ ” Luke 23:44-46MSG

Of course, we are more familiar with the NKJV or the NIV version of this verse, where Jesus says “it is finished”, but I like the Message this morning.  The phrase “Father, I place My life in Your hands” makes me think of almost a “I’ve done all I can do, please take over from here”.  Even in His dying moments, Jesus set such a tremendous example.  We can’t relate to the kind of sacrifice that Jesus made for us – we can relate to a situation where we have done all we can and must leave the rest to God. We have a part to play here, we have a purpose and a role that is our own. Do your best and trust God.

“Then He breathed His last” Luke 23:46 MSG

I wasn’t ready. I’m so thankful that He IS going to rebuild the temple!


One thought on “chronological day 308 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Jesus gave his spirit back to the heavens. It says he breathe his last breath! What a somber moment. In John’s account Simon of Cyrene did not appear or help Jesus carry the cross, was this done to focus on what Jesus went through and leave everyone out of the mix. I can understand why…..Jesus made his sacrifice. The soilders mocked him saying if he is the son of GOD let him come down off the cross but little did they know Jesus’ work was done, no need to come down off the cross. This happened so brief. I am sad for sure but know light is around the corner.


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