chronological day 302:)

We are so close to the Cross. Please read Mark 14:1-2, Matthew 26:1-5, Luke 22;1-2, Mark 14:10-11, Matthew 26:14-16, Luke 22:3-6, Mark 14:12-16, Matthew 26:17-19, Luke 22:7-13, John 13:1-20, Mark 14:17-26, Matthew 26:20-30, Luke 22:14-30, and John 13:18-30.  Days like this, it’s hard to pick out one or two items.  Ready it slow, take it in, reflect – let’s visit for a minute after we read:

“This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is shed for you “Luke 22:20

“This” cup with specific. The sacrifice of Jesus would do so much (freedom, redemption, acceptance, salvation, judgement, healing, fulfillment of prophecy….).  I wonder if the disciples, well versed in the old testament, understood what that meant exactly. They must’ve been comforted and broken and confident and afraid all at once. (How I dearly wish we had time to get into it in a 3 minute blog!)

“I am among you as the One who serves but you are those who continued with Me in my trials” Luke 22:27-28

What an honor it was (and still is) to be counted among the faithful during trials.

I think about Matthew 26:36-46 often – the prayer in the garden of Gethsemane. I think about how lonely Jesus must have felt (He was human too), and how He wanted His disciples to stay awake with Him while He prayed.  They didn’t understand.  He found them sleeping three times. I think about that moment, how heartbreaking and emotional (it hurts to be so misunderstood). It might not be exactly right, but I don’t think it’s damaging to the Scripture – want to hear how I apply this today?  I think about times when I am called to do something on my own, or times when I am compelled by my faith to act in a way the world does not understand or accept.  Sometimes, when following Jesus, you have to come to a point where you can say, “this is mine to do, regardless of the acceptance or agreement of others – while y’all sleep on, I press on” and be okay with that, alone.

Except with Jesus, we are never alone!  Now Jesus has been betrayed and arrested…. I can’t believe we are here already.


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