chronological day 300 :)

It’s a milestone today: 300!  Wow!  65 days to go…. seems to me like it sped up since we made it to the New Testament, does it seem that way to you?  Were you surprised at all how long it took to get through the Old Testament, how quickly we are making it through the New Testament? Please read Mark 13:1-23, Matthew 24:1-25, Luke 21:5-24, Mark 13:24-31, Matthew 24;26-35, and Luke 21:25-33.  What stands out to you today? 

“As he walked away from the Temple, one of his disciples said, ‘Teacher, look at that stonework! Those buildings!’ Jesus said, “You’re impressed by this grandiose architecture? There’s not a stone in the whole works that is not going to end up in a heap of rubble.’ ” Mark 13:1-2 MSG

Isn’t it remarkable how this nearly describes exactly our world today? Maybe the architecture is impressive, but it will not stand…

“Stay with it – that’s what’s required. Stay with it to the end. You won’t be sorry – you’ll be saved” Mark 13:13 MSG

The Lord knows it will be hard. I’m so encouraged by this as well: God has “already intervened” (Mark 13:19 MSG). It IS DONE:

“These are going to be hard days—nothing like it from the time God made the world right up to the present. And there’ll be nothing like it again. If he let the days of trouble run their course, nobody would make it. But… He has already intervened.” Mark 13:19-20 MSG

Though times will be hard, God will be faithful.


One thought on “chronological day 300 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    300, wow indeed, a milestone for me. What’s more interesting to me is how everyday Jesus is healing blindness and reminding us to let our old self die but the unbelievers still want him dead. I hope we still have more to read on his works in our daily reading I’m not ready for him to be crucified. I know this book doesn’t revolve around me but my honest emotion is I’m not ready to see him crucified in my reading.

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