chronological day 299 :)

Here we go – day 299, can you believe it? Please read Mark 12:28-34, Matthew 22:34-40, Mark 12:35-37, Matthew 22:41-46, Luke 20:41-44, Mark 12:38-40, Matthew 23:1-12, Luke 20:45-47, Matthew 23:13-39, Mark 12:41-44, and Luke 21:1-4.  There’s so much – like every day, it’s tough to pick out a short thought (it’s just that you read so much already, I don’t want to burden you with lesser words like mine – I just want you to know that you are not alone in this journey.  We are together, learning together, reading together).  I picked out one – did you pick out one?  Come back after you’ve read – let’s share!

Jesus always had a perfect answer – and He still does today. We can learn from His written Word, and with the benefit of His Holy Spirit (and I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but isn’t it exciting?), we can hear His rhema word as well.

I love this one:

“Don’t let people do that to you, put you on a pedestal like that. You all have a single Teacher, and you are all classmates. Don’t set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do. Save that authority for God; let him tell you what to do. No one else should carry the title of ‘Father’; you have only one Father, and he’s in heaven. And don’t let people maneuver you into taking charge of them. There is only one Life-Leader for you and them—Christ” (Matthew 23:8-10 MSG)

We are all classmates – I love the visual that brings to mind!


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