chronological day 279 :)

Today we are reading Matthew 13:10-23, Luke 8:9-18, Mark 4:21-29, Matthew 13:24-30, Mark 4:30-34, Matthew 13:31-52, Mark 4:35-41, Matthew 8:23-27, and Luke 8:22-25. I love the Gospels.  How much sweeter Jesus is, in the light of the Old Testament.  All the love, all the kindness, all the desire for restoration and peace that has always been in the Lord: now with skin on, able to communicate the desire of the Lord in terms we can more easily understand, in our limited human understanding.


Luke 8:22-25 – wind and waves obey Jesus, what a comfort!

“and there was a calm” Luke 8:24

A calm, amen. What a comfort.  Do you ever need a calm?  I do – and to be told exactly where I can find a calm is a tremendous blessing.  

I like Mark 4:35 when Jesus says, “Let US cross over to the other side”. Jesus meant for ALL of them to make it. He means for all of us to make it even today!

Can you allow for this: maybe the storm was part of the plan. Without the storm, Jesus wouldn’t have been revealed as the deliverer and controller of the storm.

(Spoiler alert: they all did make it!)


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