chronological day 274 :)

Are you loving the New Testament?  I have to tell you, I love the Old Testament too, and it gave us such a great backdrop for what is happening today.  Now we are better prepared to receive the Word, reading it in its entirety.  Let’s go to John 5, Mark 2:23-28, Matthew 12:1-8, Luke 6:1-5, Mark 3:1-6, Matthew 12:9-14, Luke 6:6-11, Matthew 12:15-21.  I’d love to hear what you think – read a bit and come on back, let’s visit!

I get so irritated every time the Pharisees get mad….. Today, they are upset because the cripple was carrying his mat and Jesus was healing on the sabbath, which they considered “work”.  Talk about missing the entire point! But, if we’re honest, we have to admit: we do this same thing today.  We can easily let our emotions distract us from the real work, and get angry over things that won’t matter at all in the final analysis. Jesus gives a great explanation in Matthew 12:11-13 MSG:

He replied, “Is there a person here who, finding one of your lambs fallen into a ravine, wouldn’t, even though it was a Sabbath, pull it out? Surely kindness to people is as legal as kindness to animals!” Then he said to the man, “Hold out your hand.” He held it out and it was healed.”

Of course, the Pharisees did not accept Jesus’ reasoning, more determined to prove themselves “right”: “The Pharisees walked out furious, sputtering about how they were going to ruin Jesus” (Matthew 12:14).

LOVE JOHN 5 in the message translation! Have to highlight everything! Love Matthew 12:15-21 too.  What is your highlight today?

One thought on “chronological day 274 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    I love how Matthew 12:18-21 describes Jesus as passive and quiet and righteous. I also love how Jesus explains that the sabbath is a day of healing and restoration. In today’s world if I seen people who were sick and being healed by my very eyes I would be more interested in who this person was and his capabilities rather that condemning him. Today’s take-a-way, we all have gifts, we should be lifting each other up to share those gifts not criticizing them or tearing them apart.


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