chronological day 265 :)

Today, we are reading Nehemiah 12:27-47, 13:1-6, 5:14-19, Nehemiah 13:7-31, and Malachi 1, Malachi 2:1-9.  We’re only 100 days away from being finished, can you believe it? 


“Judah was so appreciative of the priests and Levites and their service; they, along with the singers and security guards, had done everything so well, conducted the worship of their God and the ritual of ceremonial cleansing in a way that would have made David and his son Solomon proud. That’s the way it was done in the olden days, the days of David and Asaph, when they had choir directors for singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to God” (Nehemiah 12:45-46 MSG)

They did their work so well it would have made David and and his son Solomon proud – what a compliment!

A few highlights from Malachi 1 – how about these?

“God said, “I love you’ ” (Malachi 1:2 MSG)

Doesn’t He always? ❤

God describes worship:  

“Isn’t it true that a son honors his father and a worker his master? So if I’m your Father, where’s the honor? If I’m your Master, where’s the respect?” God-of-the-Angel-Armies is calling you on the carpet: “You priests despise me! You say, ‘Not so! How do we despise you?’ “By your shoddy, sloppy, defiling worship” (Malachi 1:6 MSG)

Let’s not respond to God’s great kindness with half-hearted worship and praise. (I’m excited to be in Malachi – maybe we are getting close to the New Testament!)

One thought on “chronological day 265 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Sometimes a history reminder is what is needed to get us back on track. I recall my son telling me one day, “dad you’re not gonna preach to me again are you?”. This was something he learned at a young age and still uses to this day. But my love toward him never goes away so if I see where I could head off danger or get him back on track then by all means let what I am fixing to say or do in love be called preaching. Today’s take-a-way, GOD is constantly setting us straight through his word, church, and the holy people he put in our lives, it is his favor we live ritouesly. We learned his love is forever and through that I feel my life is moving forward these days. Today I will make a decision to leave my past behind not GOD.


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