chronological day 263 :)

Today, it’s all about Nehemiah again!  Here we go: Nehemiah 8:13-18; then full chapters 9 and 10.  Read and come on back – let’s visit!


“You are not to blame for all that has come down on us. You did everything right, and we did everything wrong” (Nehemiah 9 MSG)

The people did not blame God for their hardships…. you know, sometimes, it really is our fault.  It’s so important to recognize the connection between our actions and our circumstances. Now they enter a period of fasting again – fasting brought a victory before, now they continue the discipline. Fasting also brings favor.  

“we will not neglect the temple” (Nehemiah 10:39)

This is referring to the tithe. Tithes belong in the storehouse (for us, that is our home church) – it’s not a way to purchase favor (we can’t buy favor from God), it’s an act of obedience. Obedience releases blessing.

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