chronological day 262 :)

Continuing in Nehemiah!  Let’s read the following: 7:4-73 and 8:1-12. Got a highlight?  Here’s mine:


At the completion of the work, they remembered God:

“the people went out, brought in branches, and made themselves booths on their roofs, courtyards, the courtyards of The Temple of God, the Water Gate plaza, and the Ephraim Gate plaza. The entire congregation that had come back from exile made booths and lived in them. The People of Israel hadn’t done this from the time of Joshua son of Nun until that very day—a terrific day! Great joy! Ezra read from the Book of The Revelation of God each day, from the first to the last day—they celebrated the feast for seven days. On the eighth day they held a solemn assembly in accordance with the decree” (Nehemiah 8:16-18 MSG)

Once one vision is complete, it’s important to turn our eyes to the Lord purposefully and worship.  Tune in to Him, find out what He is doing next – worship Him for the victory and continue to work!  A victory is not a stopping point – it is a springboard into your next victory!

One thought on “chronological day 262 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Between yesterday and today’s reading the one thing that kept popping out to me was accountability. Each family built their portion of the wall that was in front of their home, each family or tribe had it upon them that the only way to complete such a feat was through GOD, todays’s builders would be amazed at the build that took place in such a short time with no experience or blueprints. At the end of today’s reading the people were celebrating with great joy because the heard and understood GOD’s word. First I recall reading these words in bible.
    “So my God gave me the idea to call together all the nobles and leaders of the city, along with the ordinary citizens, for registration”
    My GOD gave me this idea? I want that relationship with GOD.


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