chronological day 248 :)

Three chapters today – you got this!  We are reading Ezekiel 44, 45, and 46.  What are you learning today?  What can you apply to your life?  Here’s what I am thinking about:  


The Message translation makes me laugh sometimes, but I’m quick to re-read and get to the truth. Here’s one: in response to seeing God’s glory, Ezekiel falls down to worship, and:

“GOD said to me, “Son of man, get a grip on yourself. Use your eyes, use your ears, pay careful attention to everything I tell you” (Ezekiel 44:5 MSG)

“Get a grip”, lol! 🙂 But honestly – sometimes we get our focus on the wrong thing. This was a time of instruction, and Ezekiel needed to be paying attention. Discernment is so important.  

“Quit bullying and taking advantage of my people. Do what’s just and right for a change. Use honest scales—honest weights and honest measures” (Ezekiel 45:10 MSG)

“Everyone in the land must contribute” (Ezekiel 45:16)

Ezekiel 45:9-12 is the familiar passage about honest weights and measures, and 45:16 tells us that everyone must contribute – amen. Lord, I’m depending on Your strength to help me do my part in Your kingdom.

46:9-10 is a highlight for me:

“But when the people of the land come to worship God at the commanded feasts, those who enter through the north gate will exit from the south gate, and those who enter though the south gate will exit from the north gate. You don’t exit the gate through which you enter, but through the opposite gate” (Ezekiel 46:9-10 MSG)

He again makes the point that we are to leave differently than we came in. I know this was a physical change of direction, but physical obedience yields spiritual results.  Let’s purpose to be changed spiritually every time we come in the presence of the Lord!

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