chronological day 228 :)

Today, we’ll read Ezekiel 3:16-27, Ezekiel 4, Jeremiah 27, 28, and 51:59-64. Let’s get it done – and you are doing GREAT, by the way!  What an important discipline, daily time in the Word of God!  Let’s visit:


How about Ezekiel’s bearing Jerusalem and Judah’s sins? Such a long time – 390 days plus 390 days plus 40 days….

“Famine conditions. People will look at one another, see nothing but skin and bones, and shake their heads. This is what sin does” (Ezekiel 4:16 MSG)

This is what SIN does – not what GOD does.  Please be conscious of God’s character and righteousness.  He isn’t being “mean” – He is responding to man’s sin and rebellion.

It’s funny that that we mostly remember 29:11 from Jeremiah – wow, there was so much more. Lord, I want to take in all of Your truth and take ALL of Your words into my heart (not just the ones that make me “feel good”). Since everything God says is for our benefit, everything He says ought to bring us a measure of peace.


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