chronological day 217 :)

Today, we are all in Jeremiah.  Let’s read Jeremiah 25:15-38,  Jeremiah 36, Jeremiah 45, and Jeremiah 46. 


“Get a scroll and write down everything I’ve told you regarding Israel and Judah” ….. “Maybe the community of Judah will finally get it, finally understand…. turn back from their bad lives, and let me forgive their perversity and sin” (Jeremiah 36:2, 3 MSG)

God isn’t unkind – and here He even challenges them to review EVERY WORD he had spoken. If they listened to everything and not just picked out certain parts, wouldn’t they see His patience and turn back to Him? It’s the same today, isn’t it? People make decisions without understanding the entire story.

God is not “out to get us” or about punishment.  He’s about relationship and restoration and redemption.

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