chronological day 216 :)

Here we go – several little bits today.  Let’s read: 2 Chronicles 36:1-4, 2 Kings 23:31-37, 2 Chronicles 36:5, Jeremiah 22:1-23, Jeremiah 26, 2 Kings 24:1-4, Jeremiah 25:1-14. Especially on days like today, the YouVersion app or the One Year Chronological Bible can be a time-saver! 


It’s interesting to connect the prophets to the kings, like we can with Jeremiah and Jehoakim. In Jeremiah 22:8-9, the people asked why God destroyed Judah – notice that the answer was a direct consequence of the people’s actions.

“Travelers from all over will come through here and say to one another, ‘Why would God do such a thing to this wonderful city?’ They’ll be told, ‘Because they walked out on the covenant of their God, took up with other gods and worshiped them.’ ” (Jeremiah 22:8-9 MSG)

(Emphasis mine-  I just wanted to notice the “why” and the “because”). Again, God is not acting without cause.

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