Are you confessing it in faith?

Thank you for sharing, Brian – what a valuable reminder!

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When I was a young child I hated it when I would ask for something and I was told no. Before asking my parents for something I would say over and over again, “please say yes, please say yes, please say yes”. Or, I would say, “it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen”. No matter what it was I always tried to believe it would come true. Sometimes it would. Sometimes it wouldn’t. Even at a young age I felt if I believed hard enough it would come true.

Over the years I noticed that things didn’t come true as I wanted them too. As I was struggling with this the Lord spoke to me. He shared with me that, I was standing on my word and wants, not His. By standing on my own words or wants I’m always gonna be disappointed. Scripture…

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