chronological day 180 :)

Please read Isaiah 1:21-31, and Isaiah chapters 2,3,4 and 5 this morning. What are you learning from daily spending this few minutes in the Bible?  Here’s what stands out to me:


Isaiah 5, the chapter on the disappointing vineyard is, well, disappointing. I notice how the vineyard was equipped for the immediate and for the future – even a wine press was built as the land was prepared for seed, because the expectation was that the land would produce good grapes.

God has an expectation for our lives as well – we have been prepared for all good things. Now it is up to us to purposefully grow into those good things! The Lord has given us what we need – now let’s walk in what is possible!

“Come, family of Jacob, let’s live in the light of God” (Isaiah 2:5 MSG)

One thought on “chronological day 180 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    I’m seeing where the descendants of mighty figures in the Bible are corrupt and committing sin, some are just greedy and others because of impatience. My takeaway is that GOD will take away the great nation he promises from the hands of evil. He will humble the great nation that looses sight from him. When cries are heard that how much more suffering can one nation take, “Lord Israel is getting smaller and weak how much more can we endure”? How we cry out for help after we abandoned GOD’s laws. My reading may seem a little on the glass empty kinda ways but you see the glass that’s half full I don’t have to worry about, I have to try to fill the empty side with love, kindness, forgiveness and Plenty of Jesus. Life is hard and the word keeps me on level ground. That’s my view on the daily reading. Some days are better than others but I keep moving forward.


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