chronological day 176 :)

Today we are reading Isaiah 12,Isaiah 17, 2 Chronicles 28:16-21, 2 Kings 16:10-18, 2 Chronicles 28:22-25,22 Kings 18:1-8, 2 Chronicles 29:1-2,  2 Kings 15:30-31, 2 Kings 17:1-4, Hosea 1, and Hosea 2:1-13.  Wow – lots happening!  Do you see that God is faithful over and over and over again, in spite continual rebellion?


Ahaz just gets worse and worse and still God is patient.

Finally a faithful king:

“Hezekiah put his whole trust in the God of Israel. There was no king quite like him, either before or after. He held fast to God—never loosened his grip—and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded Moses. And God, for his part, held fast to him through all his adventures” (2 Kings 18:5-6 MSG)

Hezekiah did tear down all the sex and religion shrines. Hosea begins sad – imagine a child named “No Mercy” or “Nobody”.  God gives them hope, though – Hosea 1:10-11 and 2:1 shows us that God is rebuilding Israel! He’s so patient.

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