chronological day 173 :)

Today let’s read Amos 7,8, and 9 (finish up that book!), 2 Kings 14:28-29,  2 Kings 15:8-29, 2 Kings 15:6-7, 2 Chronicles 26:22-23, and Isaiah 6.  Let’s get it done! We’re doing great!


Isaiah 6:9-13 is pretty bleak – a serious judgement against Israel….. but God never leaves it there.  Look at how He ends this prophecy:

“Every tree a stump, a huge field of stumps. But there’s a holy seed in those stumps” (Isaiah 6:13 MSG)

When it looks like it’s over, it’s not over. Sometimes we give up too soon, we get done too soon, we throw out the broken or burned or cut off pieces when God could use those pieces to rebuild.  I love this idea: “a holy seed in the stump”.  Remember this stump and this seed – we’ll see it again!  

It’s not over until God says it’s over! Restoration is always God’s heart toward us.  I love restoration – and God is the best at it!


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