chronological day 172 :)

Today we are reading Amos chapters 1,2,3,4,5,and 6. My highlight is that God is always on our side – what is your highlight?


Amos 2:9 MSG: “In contrast, I was always on your side” (Amos 2:( MSG)

In spite of all the disobedience and all the outright rebellion, God was always for us.

How about this one:

“Seek good and not evil – and live! You talk about God, the God-of-the-Angel-Armies, being your best friend. Well, live like it and maybe it will happen” (Amos 5:14 MSG)

Let’s have our walk match our talk.  Let’s be wholehearted in our service to the Lord. Those who say they follow Christ ought to walk just as He walked (1 John 2:6), right?

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