chronological day 145 :)

You are making great progress!  Today we’ll read 2 Chronicles 8, 1 Kings 9:15-28, 1 Kings 10:1-13, 2 Chronicles 9:1-12, 1 Kings 10:14-29, 2 Chronicles 9:13-28, 2 Chronicles 1:14-17.  I know there are repeats – fight the urge to “skim”!  We don’t want to miss a minute!



“At the end of twenty years, Solomon had quite a list of accomplishments” (2 Chronicles 8:1 MSG)

Every gift or blessing, whether material or spiritual, comes from the Lord who only gives good and perfect gifts. Whether our fortunes are great or small, we must trust the Holy Spirit and endeavor to be good stewards.

“King Solomon was richer and wiser than all the kings of the earth—he surpassed them all. Kings came from all over the world to be with Solomon and get in on the wisdom God had given him. Everyone who came brought gifts—artifacts of gold and silver, fashionable robes and gowns, the latest in weapons, exotic spices, horses, and mules—parades of visitors, year after year” (2 Chronicles 9:22-24 MSG)

Please recognize: people brought gifts and Solomon amassed wealth because of the wisdom that God had given to him.  Every good and perfect gift can be traced back to the Lord in our lives – gratitude and humility is the order of the day!

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