chronological day 137 :)

Today, we are going to read Psalm 50, 73, and 74.   These are not David’s – these are Asaph’s psalms, same time period.


Asaph was a name we read a while back in 1 Chronicles 15 – he was one of David’s assigned worshippers.

“David ordered the heads of the Levites to assign their relatives to sing in the choir, accompanied by a well-equipped marching band, and fill the air with joyful sound…. The members of the choir and marching band were: Heman, Asaph, and Ethan with bronze cymbals….” (1 Chronicles 15:16,19 MSG)

Can you imagine learning to worship from David?  Can you imagine being on King David’s worsip team?  Okay, so the opportunity to join David’s worship has passed 🙂 but we can still learn how to worship from him!  What a treasure trove we have in the psalms!

“No doubt about it – God is good!” Psalm 73:1 MSG

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