chronological day 129 :)

Today we’ve got Psalm 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32.  Good morning or afternoon or evening – what time do you like to read?  I like mornings, but to be honest: early is best for me in all areas!  I’m an early bird for sure!  Here we go!


“Count yourself lucky, how happy you must be— you get a fresh start,
    your slate’s wiped clean.

Count yourself lucky— God holds nothing against you
    and you’re holding nothing back from Him” (Psalm 32:102 MSG)

Oh how I love Psalm 32!  God always receives us back again, puts us in right standing, always loves us, no matter where we’ve been.  This kind of love makes me want to respect His commandments (as I know they are only meant to help me) and respond to His love with faithfulness.

God-affirmers find themselves loved every time they turn around.

Celebrate God. Sing together—everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof!” (Psalm 32: 10-11 MSG)

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