chronological day 123 :)

Please read 1 Chronicles 23, 24, and 25, and head on back.  Let’s visit with each other today, but mostly let’s visit with God!  He loves us so and He loves to spend time with us!


I still love Aaron’s job description – being a priest was a permanent post.

“In short, the Levites, with the sons of Aaron as their companions in the ministry of holy worship, were responsible for everything that had to do with worship: the place and times and ordering of worship” (1 Chron. 23:32 MSG)

Can you imagine is it was your full time job to serve God and bless His Name? (Smile when you when think of that – because it is your full time job!). I also notice when David was selecting from his pool of skilled musicians for worship, everyone was equal so they drew names at random – no one was preferred over another.

“They were well-trained in the sacred music, all of them masters. There were 288 of them. They drew names at random to see who would do what. Nobody, whether young or old, teacher or student, was given preference or advantage over another” (1 Chron. 25:7-8 MSG)

Everyone has a specific job to do, everyone has a specific skill to share.  We ought to respect everyone’s gifts, regardless of age or experience.  The anointing will make up the difference.  Thank You, Lord for using us!

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