chronological day 120 :)

About one-third of the way through our year together – big day, big milestone! 🙂 Please read 2 Samuel 19:31-43, 2 Samuel 20, Psalm 7, 2 Samuel 21, and 1 Chronicles 20:4-8, and head on back.  Let’s have a visit!


“I’m thanking God who makes things right” Psalm 7:17

So many things going on for David today. Many times, we are left with the realization that God is our only defense and judge – in those moments, we have to come to realize that this is ALL the time.  Don’t leave anything “on the table” – we must thank Him every day, depend on Him every day.  When it looks like He is making things right, trust.  When it doesn’t look like He is making things right, trust anyway.  God is on our side! Let’s learn to depend on the Lord every day, not just the hard days.

One thought on “chronological day 120 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    I was a little taken back that Joab could not understand the emotions going through David’s heart. Mourning for his son who died….the same son who tried to take his life and kingdom. We may never truly understand those emotions but we can understand the hurt that comes from betrayal and the loss that could not have been fixed. Another point in my reading today….why would Israel leave King David for Absalom and when David won the battle Israel realizes they have to welcome back their king.
    Today’s takeaway. Do we have to fail in order to remember our true King Jesus is always there for us?


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