chronological day 115 :)

David’s history is in lots of places, recorded a couple of different times.  That must mean it is important! 🙂 Today, let’s read 2 Samuel 8:15-18, 1 Chronicles 18:14-17, 1 Chronicles 6:16-30, 1 Chronicles 50-53, 1 Chronicles 31-48, 2 Samuel 9, 2 Samuel 10, and 1 Chronicles 19. Let’s see what kind of example we can take from David today!


“Thus David ruled over all of Israel. He ruled well—fair and even-handed in all his duties and relationships” (2 Samuel 8:15 MSG)

What a nice testimony to David’s life and rule.  Let the same be said of us – fair and even-handed in all our duties and relationships!

I love to see David’s kindness to Saul’s family, specifically Jonathan’s son.

“One day David asked, ‘Is there anyone left of Saul’s family? If so, I’d like to show him some kindness in honor of Jonathan…. Mephibosheth. ‘I’d like to do something special for you in memory of your father Jonathan. To begin with, I’m returning to you all the properties of your grandfather Saul. Furthermore, from now on you’ll take all your meals at my table.’ ” (2 Samuel 9:1, 7 MSG)

What a conflict of emotions: the grandfather considered himself David enemy, the father was David’s best friend, now the grandson is restored back to his family property.

I also like how the Message translates their feelings going into these battles today –

“Courage! We’ll fight with might and main for our people and for the cities of our God. And God will do whatever he sees needs doing!” (2 Samuel 10:12 MSG)

They would do what they could and trust God to do what He sees needs to be done.  I’m going to adopt this attitude: do what I can, and trust the Lord to do what He needs to do on my behalf. Faith AND action – powerful combination!

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