chronological day 113 :)

Another big list today, but don’t let the number of passages deter you.  Keep pushing forward – you are doing GREAT!  Let’s read 2 Samuel 6:12, 1 Chronicles 15:1-28, 2 Samuel 6:13-16, 1 Chronicles 15:29, 2 Samuel 6:17-19, 1 Chronicles 16, and 2 Samuel 6:19-23. What stands out to you?  Ask the Lord to open your eyes and heart every single time you open His Word. 


I like the way the Message translates this verse:

“others specifically named, with the job description: ‘Give thanks to God, for His love never quits!” (1 Chron. 16:41 MSG)

I think I’ll adopt this job description today: to give thanks to God because His love never quits! Want to join me?  This is a job for which we are imminently qualified, and an attitude of gratitude never fails!

Let’s put a bookmark on Asaph’s name – we’ll see him again.  Part of David’s worship team, he’s going to write some Psalms!

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