chronological day 111 :)

This morning, we are reading 2 Samuel 3:6-39, and 2 Samuel 4.  Get into the Word this morning, and then let’s visit!


Abner plays a role in uniting the kingdoms so David can be a king of both (so he’s seemingly a help to David). Joab thinks that Abner’s motives are wrong, and communicates this to David. When Abner had killed Joab’s brother, I think it was in the context of a war, so it was wrong for Joab to take revenge the way he did.  It was kind of alot to follow today, but David remains faithful to Saul and his family – that’s an example.

We also hear about Mephibosheth today, in 2 Samuel 4:4.  Put a bookmark by that name – we’ll come across him again!

2 thoughts on “chronological day 111 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    I am wondering why David’s men feel they have to kill someone from Saul’s family and present it as a gift. By now surely people have had to understand that Saul and Johnathon meant something to David. David said it well “how much more should I reward evil men who kill innocent men in their own house and in their own bed?” The mixed feelings that would be strolling through David’s head that over flowed to his men!


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