chronological day 105 :)

Here we go!  Good morning, and let’s read 1 Samuel chapters 20 and 21, and also Psalm 34. David is a favorite for sure – what do you love about David’s history?


I love when we are able to connect a psalm to an event in David’s life. Even though Saul has vowed to kill David, there are little reminders and hints to David that God is with him everywhere: a covenant friendship with his armorbearer Jonathan (1 Samuel 20), the priest having the bread of presence for him, the priest having Goliath’s sword (1 Samuel 21:6, 9).  David is literally hiding, running for his life, and look at his response:

“I bless God every chance I get, my lungs expand with praise. I live and breathe God” (Psalm 34:1, 2 MSG)

What an incredible response to his current circumstance! What an incredible example for us today!

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