chronological day 96 :)

Please read Judges 19-21 this morning.  Let’s visit!


“At that time, there was no king in Israel.  People did whatever they felt like doing” (Judges 21:25 MSG)

After today’s reading, my response is (this isn’t spiritual, but) “no duh”. Clearly they just do whatever they feel like doing – this is craziness.  I am glad that they don’t want to see an entire tribe go extinct, but I don’t think they have any true direction on how to move forward.

We know people like this (to be honest, we have been people like this at times, haven’t we?). People who know what the right thing is, but have no idea how to get there.  We have no choice but to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us – to depend on Him like our very life depends on it, because truthfully it does.

Thank You, Lord, for grace. Thank You, Lord, for Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for not turning us over to our own evil inclinations. Keep us near the Cross.

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