chronological day 69 :)

Please read Numbers 32-33.  I love these histories about Moses, do you?  Come on back and let’s visit about today’s reading:


“These are the camping sites in the journey of the People of Israel after they left Egypt, deployed militarily under the command of Moses and Aaron. Under God’s instruction Moses kept a log of every time they moved, camp by camp” (33:1-2 MSG)

I love that Moses kept a log (a journal) of all their travels while directed by God.  This would become a great encouragement to future generation! It’s important to understand the difference between REMEMBERING and RECORDING history versus DWELLING in the past while not allowing yourself to move forward.  This log would be a reminder that God was and will continue to be faithful. It would be a reminder that God will continue to strengthen the people as they moved forward. Part of the reason I journal too!

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