chronological day 68 :)

Please read Numbers 30- and 31.  Does anything stand out to you today?  Now that it has been 2 months of daily time in the Word, do you sense any change?  I can discern God’s voice more easily when I’m familiar with and tuned in to His precious Word! Here we go for day 68 – 


My Father God, if I allow His Holy Spirit to work in me, will give me wisdom as I make commitments/vows/promises.  Another thought – if only 1000 men from each tribe went to war with the Midianites (12,000 total) – the plunder from this battle seems incredible, huh? If God be for us (in any area of life), who can be against us?

Moses and Eleazar took the gold from the commanders of thousands and hundreds and brought it to the Tent of Meeting, to serve as a reminder for the People of Israel before God. (31:54 MSG)

I like how Moses always creates a reminder – it’s important to look forward, but it’s encouraging sometimes to look back.  If you can celebrate the past (not dwell on it, not be bound by it), then considering God’s faithfulness in the past can be a great encouragement.  He’ll do it again!

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