chronological day 63 :)

Number 16-18, and head on back.  Let’s visit with each other and with God this morning, learning about His character and His Word together!


“The plague has begun” (16:46 NKJV)

Can you imagine the urgency and fear that phrase struck? After all the complaining and all the rebellion, God has to act.  Moses has to act as well.  He and his brother Aaron pray for the people, and get direction as to how to save as many as possible.

“Aaron grabbed the censer, as directed by Moses, and ran into the midst of the congregation. The plague had already begun. He put burning incense into the censer and atoned for the people. He stood there between the living and the dead and stopped the plague” (16:47-48 MSG)

Aaron literally stood, with his censer in his hand, in between the living and the dead.  Right where he stood – everyone on one side of him, close enough for him to touch, were corpses.  On the other side, close enough to touch, were the relieved faces of the still living. As he and Moses stood and watched, literally seeing people fall in a wave before them, however did Aaron gather the strength to run out there?

God give me such a passion to bring Your presence to my community.

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