chronological day 58 :)

Please read Numbers 2 and 3, and come on back.  Leviticus and Numbers often get a “bad rap” as being boring or not applicable to us today, but if we dig a little, we’ll find lots of things to benefit us.  Hang in there! Come on back and let’s visit when you are finished with these two chapters.


The children of Israel are being obedient – that’s always good news!

“The People of Israel did everything the way God commanded Moses” (Numbers 2:34 MSG)

I know that the God of the Old Testament can seem harsh to us.  In Numbers 3, we have some assignments (Aaron and his sons are designated as priests, but others who try to elbow in will be put to death Numbers 3:5-10; we review how God killed the firstborn back in Egypt Numbers 3:11-13). We have to make allowances for cultural differences and what was acceptable to society at that time. We also have to view all of His actions through the lens of His character: God is kind, God is generous, God always has our best in His heart.

Did you realize that the Levites were meant as a stand-in for the firstborn sons that were killed in Egypt?  Just a thought – the firstborn sons stood in the gap as priests, to make offerings and sacrifices and atonement for the sins of the people.  It was a firstborn Son how came in the New Testament to stand in the gap for us as a sacrifice and once-and-for-all atonement for our sins.  So grateful for Jesus!

One thought on “chronological day 58 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    These two chapters are proof that obedience plays a strong part in faith. There are several tribes that are used to work the Tabernacle, a job that as I read seems more and more complicated. The set up, breakdown, inner workings, outside wall workings, every tribe had their part to do and if not for their strong faith would not be possible. I sometimes have trouble at work guiding my personnel to see eye to eye and keep business working, imagine leading several thousand folks to work the tabernacle. From the priest to the Levites GOD used all the talents equally.
    Today’s takeaway: Don’t count yourself out, you have something to offer even if it’s an ear or a pair of hands for someone who doesn’t. There are times I think I don’t make a difference until I see the outcome down the road. Nothing is automatic.

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