chronological day 34 :)

Please read Exodus 7:14-25, Exodus 8, and Exodus 9. There’s so much to talk about every day – it’s hard to pick out one brief item!  Here’s what I am thinking about this morning:


“Pharaoh called in Moses and Aaron and said, ‘Pray to God to rid us of these frogs. I’ll release the people so that they can make their sacrifices and worship God.’ 

Moses said to Pharaoh, ‘Certainly. Set the time. When do you want the frogs out of here, away from your servants and people and out of your houses? You’ll be rid of frogs except for those in the Nile.’

Pharaoh replied, ‘Make it tomorrow.’ ” (Exodus 8:8-10 MSG)

I find it interesting that when Moses offered to pray for relief from the frogs, Pharaoh answers “tomorrow”. Why did he want one more night with the frogs? Why not now?  it’s not a surprise to see Pharaoh delay, I guess – he delays letting the children of Israel go time after time….. but tomorrow?  I’d want those frogs gone now!

We delay sometimes – God offers everything we need to be successful in Him, but still we wait.  Let’s not be like Pharaoh here – let’s go after God now!

2 thoughts on “chronological day 34 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Pharaoh surely has magicians who can do the same thing Aaron and Moses are doing but when it is time to end the plagues Pharaoh’s magicians have no way of stopping them. Pharaoh has to rely on Moses to ask the Lord to end it and still denies letting the slaves go. Amazing when we think we got the solution we no longer need GOD. A good friend David told me he used to put GOD on a shelf until he needed saving and when releif came GOD was put back on a shelf until the next tragedy. Could we lose our way one day where we won’t know the shelf is there anymore?

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  2. Maurice says:

    Pharaoh was so overtaken in the hardness of his heart by an act of the Almighty God because God knows his ways. He was in such a bad state that he choose to delay his own deliverance. This was just to keep the Israelite in bondage. People at times seek to hurt others not knowing they are hurting themselves through the deception of the enemy. God watches the motive of the heart.


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