chronological day 12 :)

Please read Genesis 32, Genesis 33, Genesis 34, and Genesis 35:1-27.  Once you’ve finished, head on back – want to know what stood out to me this morning?


Gen 35:14-15 tells us that Jacob made an offering and left a memorial at Bethel because God had spoken to him there.  Jacob “dedicated the place where God had spoken with him”. Every time the Lord speaks to us, it’s so precious!

Father, please don’t let me take Your voice in my life for granted!  Your presence and Your voice are something to be cherished and remembered and sought after.

One thought on “chronological day 12 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Genesis 32:30. “I have seen GOD face to face yet my life has been spared”. My interpretation of Jacob wrestling the man who hurt his hip… GOD was the opponent, not to defeat Jacob but to show him the ways of his life that he needed to face. His brother being one of them. Jacobs hip was hurt to slow him down, to stop the running. It was time for him to settle. Are we running from something? I’f so do we need to hurt our hip methaphorically speaking? I am done running and facing my fight. My armor (CR, Church, Christian friends and today’s word) helps me daily. How is your fight going?

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