chronological day 10 :)

Please read Genesis 28:6-22, Genesis 29, Genesis 30:1-24, and come on back!  Here’s what stands out to me today:


What an awesome responsibility we have to pray over our children. It stood out to me in Jacob’s dream when God told him He would bring him back and stay with him until all the promises were fulfilled.  I am struck by Jacob’s response to the dream in Genesis 28:16 – “God is in this place – truly.  And I didn’t even know it!”  This won’t be the last time we read about someone not recognizing the Lord.  I pray that I’ll always be able to sense when He is near!

God is all about restoration and returning, and He is always faithful. We have to be faithful too if we are to see His promises come to pass in our lives (and sometimes it takes what seems to us like a long time!).

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