chronological day 9 :)

Good morning, friend! 🙂 Please read Genesis 25:27-34, Genesis 26, Genesis 27, and Genesis 28:1-5, and come on back.  Here’s what I am thinking about this morning:


The history of Jacob and Esau, and how Esau relinquished his birthright is a familiar and sad one.

At the beginning of chapter 26, we are told there was a severe famine, so Isaac moved to Gerar. His intention must have been to continue on to Egypt (I’m guessing because God tells him not to go in Genesis 26:2).  Even in a place where he was a stranger (lonely perhaps), God tells him to stay there and he would be blessed there.  So, in obedience to the Lord, Isaac stayed.  In keeping with His promise to Abraham, God blessed and prospered Isaac there.

Even in times of loneliness or fill-in-your-own blank-here, there is a blessing in following the Lord.  We can’t act based on emotions, we must act on obedience. God is so faithful, every single time!

2 thoughts on “chronological day 9 :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Isaac seemed to follow in his fathers footsteps with continuing to be blessed by the Lord and also the denial of his wife as he thought he would also be killed due to the beauty of his wife. Wonder as I read on if this was part of a trend in this era. Although he was asked to leave the country he had no qualms, and settled into a new land. My #1 takeaway today is that it didn’t matter where he settled, the Lord watched over Isaac and his family and kept his promise that was made to his father. Others knew Isaac walked with the Lord and came to him even though he was asked to leave the country. Takeaway#2, when you speak harshly to someone who you have prejudged hastily, know this, that person will be the one to help/bless you one day… your neighbor. I will!

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