chronological day 2 :)

Please read Genesis 4, Genesis 5,1 Chron 1:1-4, Genesis 6, and come right back – here’s what I am thinking about today:


The story of Cain and Abel is sad on several different levels.  Cain’s action was extreme (that’s an understatement).  At first look, God’s response to Cain’s offering seems extreme as well. However, when you read the Old Testament, take every opportunity to apply the character of the God you know today to the God of the Old Testament – He’s exactly the same, yesterday, today and forever.  When it seems harsh, take a deeper look. Cain did not give a firstfruit offering, and this may not have even come from his own harvest. Apparently Cain picked a few wild fruits and called it a day, an offering which cost him nothing.  In contrast, Abel brought the best he had to the Lord, a firstborn, a valuable animal that might have brought a price if he had sold it.  Their offerings were not the same – but the Lord wasn’t looking for the same in value (never that, even today), He is looking for the same level of sacrifice

I love the reference to Enoch, about how God “took” him. Imagine being so close that the separation of heaven and earth is too much! Wow! God desires an intimate relationship with His children and I am humbled by that thought.

4 thoughts on “chronological day 2 :)

  1. jlevinsrn says:

    It’s sad that God gave Cain everything and he couldn’t give God his heart, because if he did he would have realized God wanted the best from him because God gave Cain the best OF him. Cain was hurt because he believed his sacrifice was just as good as Abel’s but it was not. For this reason he struck and killed his own brother. It’s also amazing how long the people lived in the old testament. It’s also a sad realization that the world has once again become the world that existed before Noah built the Ark and God flooded the earth due to his displeasure regarding the sin of the world. God gives us everything and it included his only son, something we should never take for granted.

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  2. ralphmadrigal says:

    Read all the chapters and like what we discuss which leads to learning. Posted once at lunch time and didn’t see it save. Posted again at 6 pm while cooking supper and didn’t see the post take. Noticed only one post today did save, did anyone else have trouble posting a comment?

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  3. Carl Barker says:

    One area that stood out was when God put a mark on Cain to protect him, even though he was offered Grace and continued to sin. I thought of the years that I rejected God and at 50 years old I ask Jesus into my life. All those years prior God had me marked and protected me through many life style bad choices where I could have died.
    I also found interesting the 120 year shelf life he placed on us humans Interesting. Also Noah’s faith and obedience to God even though like me, he grew up in a dysfunctional family.

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  4. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Let’s try this again, Genesis 4 takeaway, I can see Cain the first born given all the attention until Abel is now put into the mix. Abel the youngest is thrust into being a shepherd while Cain is now in charge of cultivating the land. When it’s time to offer your best to the Lord Abel took his first born lamb who he spent many days, 24 hours per day tending his flock while Cain I believe did give some of his best produce to the lord but did so in spite and bothersome. This was a chain reaction that would lead to a road of death for one and dispare for another, a dangerous mix of ingredients. Genesis 5 gives us a brief run down of the Family tree from Adam and the descendants that would lead to a man called Enoch. Enoch we read was taken up to heaven to sit on the Lords side. This act doesn’t happen unless you have the right ingredients in life like a great loving heart, a love and patience for everyone, an open mind to be used to accomplish the unaccomplishable, and understanding of the Lord and the least of us. You can’t just throw together some salt flour and hand full of other ingredients to make a great dinner, you have to calculate the ingredients to produce a good tasting dish that would be pleasant to the palate. I’m going somewhere with this….Genesis 6 now takes us further down the family tree with a man called Noah. Again this man found favor with the Lord, how I would love to be in his shoes to be one with GOD! Noah was commissioned by GOD to build a boat that would house animals, his wife, his kids, his kids wives and food. In order for Noah to be successful he had to have the right ingredients here as well, he had to have the Lords backing, the tar, the lumber, the animals, the assistance from his family, and then the flood waters. Yes the floodwaters is part of the ingredient list despite the death it caused to cleanse the world. This cleansing lead to us to who we are now. We are the result of the ingredients if you will, the loaf baked by the Lord. Will we have the right ingredients to make our boat bouyant when our lives flood come? Will we have the right ingredients simmering when we die and want to sit next to the Lord and Enoch? These chapters read so far are familiar to us but now have us in discussion and thinking are we ready. Are we procuring the correct ingredients to a successful Christian life. I for one will surely watch what I consume or ingest in 2019!

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