see the Word in a new light in 2019 :)

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Chronological means that we’ll read the events of the Bible in the order that they happened historically, not in the order that they are arranged in our usual Bible.  Don’t worry – I have my favorite study Bible too, arranged from Genesis to Revelation the same way yours is!  I’m not asking you to give up your favorite – I’m just asking if you want to try reading it in a new way.  Maybe we’ll see something we haven’t seen before!


Every day (yep, EVERY DAY), I’ll post a short daily blog taking us through the entire Bible in chronological order in 2019.  Have your Bible handy – I’ll give you a little list of what passages to read each day, and then tell you briefly when stood out to me as I read.  You can comment what stood out to you in your reading, and we’ll have a conversation together, letting “iron sharpen iron” (Proverbs 27:17) all year long!

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The Bible itself is a treasure, able to change your thinking, able to change your life – and I’m praying that we’ll discover it together in 2019!  Click the follow button and let’s do this! ❤

Much love, Jennifer 🙂

A couple of tools to make life easy as you prepare to read and finish the Bible with me in one year:
Here’s the YouVersion – you can get the One Year Chronological Plan right on your phone or tablet!
Prefer a book? (I ned to turn pages sometimes too!).  Here’s the One Year Chronological Bible, many different translations:
Want to use your own Bible?  Perfect – On the blog, I’ll list the Scriptures that you need to read each day. Excited to get started on this adventure with you, friend! The Bible is our greatest treasure!

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