the best road trip :)

If you are going on a road trip, you need a good playlist.  Want to know who you need to set up your playlist?  A Spivey kid.  My three always have the BEST music and the BEST podcasts and the BEST whatever-you-think-you-need-to-hear for a pleasant time on the road!

road trip

When Jacob graduated from ministry school, we all went up to see his graduation.  Fun! We left our pup Bea with my parents for the weekend, so we rode back from Alabama separately – Michael and Tyler returned to Florida right away, while Jacob and I took the detour through Georgia to pick up Bea.  All those hours on the road might not sound like a great time, but guess what I was thinking: all those hours and I would have Jacob all to myself!  We traded some favorites –

Jacob goes first: “Mom, have you heard Yebba?” I haven’t – how did I miss her?  Jacob plugs in first and I start singing along with Yebba and PJ Morton’s cover of “How Deep Is Your Love” and oh my stars, it’s gorgeous!  Jacob is surprised that I know the words, so I plug in next and play the original BeeGees from ’77 (YES, that’s 1977; and NO, I don’t want to talk about how old I was then, LOL!).  Jacob sang along with the BeeGees, and we talked about how we loved both versions, what was best and what was favorite.  We both love 70s/80s, so the discussion brought on a few James Taylors, a few Dan Fogelbergs…..

My turn to introduce something: “Jacob, you know Jekalyn Carr’s “Bigger”, of course – but have you heard “Greater Is Coming” and “I’m on the Rise”?  Listen at this – and can you believe how young she is?” We listened to those, and we love gospel, so that brought on a few Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers (yeah, we went way back and it was awesome!), some Donnie, some Smokie, some Fred, and of course some Kirk…. Can’t leave out the girls, so there was a little CeCe, a little Tasha, a little Babbie, too.

Let’s listen to a podcast, want to? “Mom, do you listen to Graham Cooke?” Son, I didn’t even know there was a Graham Cooke – introduce me, oh my goodness!  We listened to “The Language of Heaven” and I’ve listened to it over and over since then, brilliant and anointed.  Jacob knows Jentezen Franklin, of course (Pastor Franklin performed Michael’s and my wedding, he performed the twins’ baby dedications, we grew up at Free Chapel), but “buddy, have you heard “Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt” yet?” He hadn’t yet, so we listen to that and it was awesome (I had the book in my “summer stack” and hearing that podcast moved it to the top of my to-read list! Amazing!).

“What about Dante Bowe?”  Jake, this is another new one to me – plug him in!  We listened to “Potter and Friend“, and I have to admit: we listened to it about 8 times in a row and bawled like babies every single time!  Hey, bud, get on my iTunes and download that for me, okay?  I need this in my life! When he picked up my phone and started downloading Dante for me, he found Anthony Brown on there – yep, “Worth” was familiar to both of us and we loved hearing it again together.

Of course, the conversations were the best part, the real treasure of the day, and those (sadly) can’t be put on a playlist.  That part is in my heart ❤ Jacob had just gotten his ministry license and we were heading toward his first ministry position, so there was lots to talk about.  I shared memories of when his dad and I first started in ministry.  Jacob shared memories and lessons from ministry school – he was super blessed with some amazing leaders and friends while at BMMC and I think Kingwood Church will always be our second church home. We shared what God is doing in our hearts right now, and what learning today.  I shared the vision that God has laid on my heart currently, and Jacob shared the vision that God has laid on his heart currently.  We shared some victories, and we shared some losses because there’s lessons in both.  Jacob shared a tremendous amount of wisdom, and I was reminded of the myriad number of ways that the Lord uses my children to bless and strengthen me.

Do you get the Word from lots of sources?  It’s smart to diversify 🙂 Podcasts, music, talk talk talk, read read read…. And wow – to learn that one of my most valuable sources is my own son? That was and continues to be one of my greatest treasures.  I’m praying that you have lots of sources and lots of opportunity to grow in the Lord as well – and if you think your list needs a little mixing up, borrow some of my favorites (all those blue words are links if you didn’t figure that out already)!

Jennifer 🙂

p.s. as soon as my Jake has a podcast or a youtube channel or a book, I’ll let you know – this kid has lots to share!  Until then, I’ll sure love being “on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of ” this son “of God coming into his own” (Romans 8:19 Phillips).

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