an old favorite: when noun/treasure becomes verb/treasure

Passed this sign at the entrance of my neighborhood the other day:




Yay!  I almost never want to buy anything, but a good yard sale involves many things that I do love: people (watching them, meeting them, hearing their stories), walking, being outside, and the best: seeing all these little treasures! This morning, I was up and ready around 8:30, so I asked my 17 year old if he wanted to talk a walk with me.  Never one to turn down a good rambling around, Ty agreed and we set out.

First stop: lemonade stand.  We loved that little girl (she was selling handmade jewelry too – can you imagine something sweeter than jewelry and lemonade from a 6 year old? A.DOR.A.BLE.).  We weren’t quite ready for a cool drink yet, so we promised to circle back.  Next stop: all kinds of goodies!  We looked at everything, and Ty settled on a small chest, little tiny drawers, we thought it would look great on his bookshelf (he loves books and a good treasure like his mom).  Only $1 (score!), PLUS we got a story about how grandpa had made this beautiful little chest by hand.  Next stop: an antique camera.  My daughter collects them (how cool is that?), but the price was a little steep for our yard sale budget.  We passed, but not before we met this dear lady and her husband.  Next stop: lots of kids items, toys, books, cute cute cute.  We didn’t need anything, but we chatted with the dad and then two sweeties ran out, “Mrs. Spivey! Mrs. Spivey!”  They gave us big hugs for free, and we talked about when we would see each other next (Monday at school).  Next stop: an apple peeler/corer!  Remember the kind – it suctions to the counter and you twist the apple around and around until it doesn’t have the core and the peeling is all in one long curly strip?  Fun!  I had one once, when the babies were little….. hmmm, must have gotten lost in a move along the way.  How much is this one, brand new, still in the box? $1! Yep, we’ll take it!

Time to circle back for our lemonade, only a few houses down from the house.  “We’re back again! Do you still have lemonade?”  She does, and it’s 75 cents a cup.  Well, no day at the yard sale is complete without a good haggle over price at some point, right?  We bargained our new little friend from 75 cents a cup up to $1 a cup and we were all happy with the deal. 🙂  We’re ready to be home now (did I say I loved the sun?  Well, after our ramble, I think I’ll love the air conditioning!), but we have one more new family to meet and a friend to visit on our way.

Treasure chest: $1, apple peeler/corer: $1, two cups of lemonade: $2.  $4 well spent – and my true treasure today?  That was the time spent with my son, all by himself.  For this sweet one, quality time is his love language and my greatest joy.  That makes a nice combination!  We talked with neighbors and friends today, but mostly we talked to each other.  These moments together are not to be treated as common.  It’s easy to remember the “big stuff” (trips to Disney, surprise birthday parties), all the major “firsts” in life (steps, days at school, drivers licenses, etc.), but this isn’t all. Our lives are made up of the everyday that we can pass over as common if we aren’t careful.  These are the kind of memories that I want to save: hearing his voice, hearing his thoughts, having secrets or smiles or jokes shared between us.  Yeah, it looked like a little ramble around the neighborhood and a couple of crinkled dollar bills, but it was much more than that.  Ty gave me his morning, and it was my favorite gift today.  It was a treasure. ❤

Sometimes I think about Mary and all the celebrating connected to the birth of Jesus (BIG EVENT, no mistake about that!).  Right then in the middle of all this celebrating, she takes a moment and the noun “treasure” becomes a verb: “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).  She had the presence of mind right then to pause and reflect and TREASURE the miracle and love her Son.

Small moments, big moments, take a pause and let the noun/treasure become a verb/treasure in your life.  We have so much.

God is so kind and generous!  Praying that you find lots of reasons to verb/treasure today,


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