an old favorite: raise up a child :)

This is an older blog post, but in honor of my twins birthday today, I thought I’d run it again 🙂 Now they are 21, but at the time of this writing, they were 20.  Thanks for visiting with me again! Fondly, Jennifer ❤ 

Last summer my twins turned 20, and I had an idea to make “months” signs and recreate some favorite baby pictures.  To complete the joke, I posted on my social media: “Our babies are 240 months old – we can’t believe it! Tyler and Jacob are excellent young men: they love Jesus and Super Smash Bros, Jacob loves to fish and Tyler loves to read, they are awesome brothers to Lindsay, and they bring joy to our lives every day! We love these guys and pray God’s BIGGEST blessings on them for the next 20 years and more!”  Our friends and family laughed with us all day!


I was happy to see them hit 20, and happy every day with the wise young men they have become.  Of course, raising 3 children (all 3 born in less than 2 years!) wasn’t easy.  I don’t have to tell you: motherhood is not for the weak, nor is it a job to be taken lightly! In some ways, I think it is harder for young moms today than it was for me when mine were small.  All the more reason to depend on the Lord daily. Those truly were wonderful days, with my three littles toddling around!

These are wonderful days, too!  Tyler and I were out together the other day – we like to call it a “ramble”.  We went to mail care packages to the siblings who are away at school, ran a few errands, then hit an antique store in town (we love to look at treasures!).  I found some darling vintage Christmas dishes, and Ty found some gorgeous old hardback books by…. wait, now I’m doing a different kind of rambling!  Let me get back on track!

This particular store has a garage out back, and we couldn’t resist.  We walked in and saw a whole corner full of old children’s games and toys.  On the top of the pile was a big Teletubbie plush – does anyone remember that program?  Well, children’s items usually bring up an opportunity to tease me: I was a little fussy (maybe more fussy than was necessary) about what my children watched and read. So, Tyler says, “Mom, I remember that we weren’t allowed to watch Teletubbies – why not?” He’s already smiling and ready to laugh at my response, so I tell him the truth (I’ll spare you – it probably was ridiculous!).  I answered his question honestly, and that laugh led to memories of other things I didn’t allow, all in kind jesting between me and my son.  There was a popular movie then about a lion, but they didn’t watch it because I didn’t like the theme (uncle murders father, uncle convinces son that it was his fault, and then uncle convinces son to run away because he couldn’t tell his family the truth – all kinds of ideas I didn’t want introduced to my 3 year old charges).  We didn’t watch Dragon Tales, we didn’t believe in Santa Claus (though we did watch those holiday cartoons – we just didn’t present them as truth), the list went on.

Before you judge me too hard: the list of things we DID DO and the list of fun we had and things we DID enjoy was much much longer than the “don’t do it” list! Before you think, “wait – I do let my kids watch that show” and think that I am judging you, let me assure you that nothing is further from the truth!  I don’t have any judgement on any parent: I had an anointing from God to raise these specific three – and I believe you have an anointing from God to raise yours!  Our households aren’t exactly the same because our children and experience is not exactly the same!  There’s LOTS of grace here, honest promise! 🙂 

Here’s the moment I want to share: after Tyler and I stopped laughing at my silliness (some of it was right; some of it was exaggerated, I’m sure), I told him the motivation behind every decision I ever made on that got us to this point: “Son, I knew I only had ONCE CHANCE. ONE CHANCE to get you and your brother and sister successfully and happily through childhood.  ONE CHANCE to deliver you to adulthood as a God-fearing, faithful, normal, well-adjusted person.  If I was going to make a mistake, I was going to make it on the side of caution.”

You know what he did?  (forgive me if I start crying right now) My 6’2″ son, 240plus months old now, came to put his arm around my shoulder, and said two words:

“Nailed it.”

God bless him.  The Bible says to Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it (Proverbs 22:6 NIV).  Beautiful and comforting advice for moms and dads.  The Bible also says, Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. They are a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck” (Proverbs 1:8-9 NIV)Beautiful and comforting advice for sons and daughters.

Thank you, Ty.  Thank you, Jacob and Lindsay.  You are literally the best!

Making a commitment to the Lord, making a commitment to a purpose AND seeing it through?  That’s a treasure.  Praying you have something to commit to, something to pour your whole being into, and I’m also praying that you will finish strong.  God is on your side – and I am too! 🙂

Jennifer ❤



One thought on “an old favorite: raise up a child :)

  1. Karen Skodak says:

    This had me in tears, and I’m not even a mom(yet). What you said about God giving you an anointing specific for your three kids really resonated with me though, as I have sensed the same thing in groups of children God has given me to minister to over the years. I want to err on the side of caution too in helping raise His precious young ones! God bless you, our sister!


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