well, what had happened was…. :)

Last summer, I decided to try and get healthy. I surprised myself – I’ve stuck with it for the most part….

It’s that “for the most part” that gets me every time!  You see what had happened was….


Tyler hadn’t been feeling well, and he texted me – could I run by the store and get him some cough medicine, maybe a little something for a sore throat?  Sure I can, buddy.  I ran into Publix, and guess what?  Ben and Jerry’s was on BOGO and so was brownie mix.  The opportunity presented itself, the door opened, and I just rushed right on through – and boy, did we have a “cheat night”!  I’m embarrassed to admit it: you are looking at a picture of my dinner right there – ice cream and double chunk chocolate brownies, fresh from the oven! (Prediction: I won’t be feeling so well myself tomorrow!)

You know, just because a door opens, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we are supposed to go through.  On one of Paul’s missionary journeys, he describes an open door:

“Well, when I came to Troas to preach the Gospel of Christ, although there was an obvious God-given opportunity, I must confess I was on edge the whole time” (2 Cor. 2:12 Phillips)

So, even though the door was clearly opened by the Lord, Paul did not feel a peace about walking through it.  He waited for the Holy Spirit to direct him.  Thankfully, he went on to another location where God blessed his efforts:

“Thanks be to God who leads us, wherever we are, on His own triumphant way and makes our knowledge of Him spread throughout the world” (2 Cor. 2:14 Phillips) 

Paul found victory in God’s leading, not just in an open door.  As believers, we are not supposed to follow signs – signs are supposed to follow us.  Mark 16:17 tells us that “signs will follow them who believe”. God always leads us to victory, to His best for our lives.  If we are spending time looking for signs or waiting for signs, we are wasting time. Every open door or opportunity is not a “sign” that we are supposed to move forward (or move at all).  Be aware, be vigilant – invite the Lord to lead every decision, and trust Him to lead you to victory.

Discernment is the ability to judge well – being able to discern the voice of God and receive direction for your life without needing another sign or confirmation is a gift.  Having the boldness to follow Him when He leads is a treasure.  I’m praying today that you will find the courage to step out without a sign! ❤

Oh, and next time Publix has Ben and Jerry’s on BOGO?  That won’t be a sign, it’s just a sale – but go ahead and enjoy a pint!  Speaking of, I better get up a few minutes earlier tomorrow, spend a little more time on that elliptical!

Jennifer 🙂


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