Meet Jennifer :)

Jennifer is a pastor’s wife, author, mother, daughter, friend…. well, many of the same things you probably are, dear reader!

We are back to our weekly schedule – a new blog post every Monday at 1:00!

Throughout 2019, we read through the entire Bible in chronological order – you can go back and do it again or start new if you like!  Each day is just its number “chronological day 1″, chronological day 2” and so on – they are all there, so type it in the search bar and there you go!

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7 thoughts on “Meet Jennifer :)

  1. Ralph Madrigal says:

    Job chapter 16 is a cry for help indeed. Job is telling his so called comforters if the roles were reversed Job would be talking encouragement and lift up theirs spirits. Job is now asking GOD why has he been beaten down so much that his blood is wetting the ground knowing he is innocent and his prayers are pure. Job is asking who can mediate between him and GOD because Job wants to be heard. In Job chapter 17 you can see his attitude is now changed. He wants to plead his innocence and also asks GOD to defend him when no one else is going to. Job is getting mockery and judgement not help!

    Today’s takeaway hits home. In Celebrate Recovery there is a sense of comradery and accountability. These go hand in hand. When a fellow Christian is down, the right words or right silence makes a difference whether someone bounces back from despair or plunges further in. GOD’s love is never ending for us, we should pass this great gift to others.

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  2. 2mikedaddyof3 says:

    Hi, thank you for the time you put into this treasure.
    Beautiful, inspirational, Life Changing
    My new goal is to read and discover
    more and more
    THANK YOU again
    Michael W. Roach

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